If you are a law firm or a business, SGM Legal will partner you as the employer, to help you identify the qualified legal talent you are looking for. As an independent business SGM Legal can be more creative in formulating the recruitment solution, evaluating each assignment on its merits, and always striving to add value whilst never compromising on the highest standards of service.

Recruitment within the legal sector has traditionally followed two templates – contingent and retained. The recently dynamic economic climate has ensured the recruitment industry can’t stand still, and in certain instances neither of these processes will offer you the best solution. As a response to your changing needs, SGM Legal will be delighted to also discuss with you an alternative, third type of recruitment process, which in some instances will be more suitable because it creates a more flexible, transparent and cost effective solution.

Jigsaw piece

This tailored recruitment product allows us to discuss a range of specific services which will add value, transparency and flexibility to your process. This will also ensure the process is cost effective and priced in a manner which is clear to understand.

And although the recruitment ‘product’ may be different, what you will always receive is the truly professional, discreet and highly valued service which you deserve.